by Chloe Iles

Spring is possibly our favourite time of year at Chloe’s Mobile Farm. Who doesn’t love the sight of lambs running around wagging their little tails?!

Last year Ronne and Reggie our Grey Face Dartmoor’s visited many care homes, schools and toddler groups sharing all of their love. You can’t help but smile to see them!

Grey face Dartmoor’s are a slow growing rare breed, originally bred for meat and their fleece but more popularly becoming pets due to their fantastic nature. Who knows what sort of lambs we will end of with this year but we are fairly certain there will be some looking for loving homes and we really can’t share them with you all.

Contact with animals has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and release endorphins amongst many other benefits.

As well as providing therapeutic sessions with animals we always like to share a little bit of education.

So, what can you do to improve the lives of the animals around you?

If you see a sheep stuck on its back, try to tip them back on their feet. Particularly when pregnant with their full thick fleeces, sheep are extra vulnerable to getting stuck. Left on their back for any length of time can be fatal. It may take them a few minutes to regain their balance but once up the right way, sheep should recover quickly!

Try not to cause any groups of sheep to panic or run (this always applies but can be even more devastating at this time of year!). While carrying their unborn lambs they are particularly at risk of health complications from being spooked or chased so do what you can to avoid this by sticking to footpaths and keeping dogs on leads!


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