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Apple Day Celebration
Saturday 26 October 2019, 10:00am - 12:00pm

The Pop-up Pocket Park will be celebrating APPLE DAY on Saturday 26th October from 10:00 am - to Noon. We have invited the My Apple Juice company to bring their Apple Press & will be running a Apple Cake Competition. BRING YOUR APPLES & MAKE THEM INTO APPLE JUICE!!

Information about what apples to choose can be found on their website link & below are details about the cost of converting your excess apples into delicious apple juice & the options regarding containers for the juice. Day

"If people bring their own containers - a barrel for making cider or plastic bottles to freeze ( but nothing smaller than 1 litre please) we charge £1 per litre.

If they want us to supply the (new clean) plastic milk bottles with a label - then it's £1.50 per litre.
This can be drunk within 3 / 4 days if kept in the fridge
Or frozen the same day - good for 6 months - and then 3 / 4 days once defrosted

Or we can take away their raw juice in 20 litre containers - so 10 litre / 20 kg min for this - we will bottle & pasteurise their juice (good for 12 - 18 months) and print their house name on the label. We will send out individual invoices for these - to be paid preferrably online - then collected from Hungerford .... or possibly a group collection ... but we need to discuss getting payment before collection (past experiences ..) great presents or to enjoy at home.

This costs £2.50 per 75 cl bottle for individuals and we discount to £2 per bottle for schools charities and community fundraising groups - for them to sell on at £2.75 / £3.00 / £3.20 etc"

Location Calne Pop Up Park