Calne News Privacy Policy
At Calne News we treat your personal information safely, with respect and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and follow the strict rules that The Data Protection Act 2023 put on organisations in respect to GDPR.1.
How we collect your information
Calne News collect Personal Data as follows.
1.a You personally contact Calne News by Email, Telephone, Letter or Message via social media which will give us your Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Postal Address, and access to your Social Media Profiles.
1.b Your contact details may be passed on to Calne News via a third party with the understanding that you have agreed for these details to be passed on to Calne News for you to be contacted by a journalist.
1.c We may search publicly available data sources such as Companies House, Court Records, Internet Search Engines, or the open Electoral Register to obtain information to clarify information, or to investigate stories before publication.
2. How we store and use your Personal Data
Your personal data will be treated with care, we will never publish or share your personal contact details with a third party unless you have given us express written permission to do so. There are some exceptions to this which are,
2.a We generally use your personal information to contact you with regards to publishing a news story or arranging advertising on our website. We would never use your information for any other purpose than what you contact us for and will never share your information with a third party without your express written consent.
2.b If we are legally required to pass your information to the authorities then we will do so, however, we do legally have an exemption where we can protect the identities of Whistle-blowers and Confidential Sources, and in such cases, we will do all we can in our power not to submit this information to the authorities. (See Section 4 below)
2.c All Personal data will be stored for only as long as it’s needed to publish a story, run an advert or deal with your complaint or enquiry. Once your task has been closed at our end then we will delete your data.
3. Publicly Available Information
If your information is publicly available, then we have no duty to protect it. This includes websites, official records, and court reports.
4. Confidential Sources / Whistle-blowers
We will always protect our sources of information, including Whistle-blowers. We will do this under Section 10 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 which allows journalists to protect sources of information.
5. Subject Access Reports
If you wish to obtain a report on the data, we hold about you then you should submit your request to us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we will aim to respond to your request within 28 days. However, please be aware that we may not actually have any records stored due to our deletion rule as detailed in Section 2 above.
6. Complaints
At Calne News we fully understand that you may not be happy about some of the stories we publish. This could be because the story is about you, a friend, or a business you relate to.
We will only publish news reports / stories that we feel are in the public interest. If you are unhappy with a report, then you may complain to us and request a removal or amendment by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6.1 Stories / Reports will only be removed if you can demonstrate that the reporting of the story puts you at physical harm, or that it has been misreported. You will of course be invited to have an input in re-wording any
such published report to ensure its reported correctly.
6.2 Stories / Reports will where the information has been obtained from a publicly available Court Report from the HMCS will not be removed or deleted.
6.3 Calne News will remove any story / report upon the request of a local or national authority with or without a court order.
6.4 The Editor of Calne News will have the overriding decision on whether a story / report is amended or deleted, and their decision will be based on whether the story or report meets the threshold of being in the Public Interest against protecting physical harm or damage to a business or organisation.
7. Disclaimer
Calne News cannot be held liable for any story or report that names an individual, business or organisation if the facts of the story or report are deemed to be true and accurate at the time pf publication and have been subjected to normal journalistic investigation and checking procedures prior publication.