A brand new local business is opening today in Calne,  and owners Marie Stroll and Chelle Wemeander are hoping residents will make it the success it deserves to be. 

Talking Waxis launches today with the fundamental aim of bringing people closer together and encouraging us to get out and about, breathing in fresh air and getting our vitamin D.

Marie explained : “How often do you find yourself needing to walk in to town for a pint of milk or top up shop, but find yourself thinking ‘I really can’t be a**sed’ ? “

Well, that’s where Talking Waxis comes in . At just a fraction of the cost of a normal taxi, you can call this walking taxi service to come with you. For a small additional fee you can have a chat with your ‘walking drivers’ as you go - arriving at your destination, with potentially, the weight of daily worries, lifted from your shoulders. 

Talking of weight, Talking Waxis is happy to help carry your shopping and or a loved one on your walk home from town. Marie added : “We can usually carry a small child or elderly relative home , but may need to send a larger, stronger team member for any larger jobs , such as an inebriated husband or full big shop.”

”We work 24/7 so anytime you want a walking companion, we will be there, though after 11pm we are down to three walkers as Sandra is gout susceptible and needs her rest.”

If you’d like to book a Talking Waxi from anywhere in Calne visit their contact page  - Talking Waxis