A local animal rescue centre has come up with a novel idea to elevate their funds – which will have you bursting with excitement!

Goatacre Animal Sanctuary has organised its inaugral virtual balloon race, where you can take part and compete against family and friends - wherever you live.

Virtual balloons cost just £3 eace and can be customised by choosing the shape and colour, as well as adding your own name and message. Environmentally friendly, cheap to take part in and fun for all.

Emma and David Daltry have been running Goatacre Animal Sanctuary in Calne for over 8 years.

The sanctuary is home to over 100 animals ranging from turkeys, hens, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, pigs, dogs, and even a tortoise. Some have been abused, neglected, abandoned, saved from slaughter or come to the sanctuary as unwanted pets.

However, vet bills, rent costs, feed bills, medication fees and maintenance of the sanctuary is a costly business and they are reliant on fundraising to allow them to continue the vital work they do.

The virtual balloon race will take to the virtual skies over the Bank Holiday weekend starting at 12pm on 3rd May and finishing at 8pm on 6th May. 

The race can be viewed online at https://www.balloonrace.net/gasc/islandcontent so you can see if your balloon is in the lead.

The balloons will move randomly so you can track the progress throughout the weekend.

The balloon that travels the furthest wins, and its owner will receive a £100. Second place will win a private Sanctuary tour for 6 people and third place wins dinner for two at the Harp & Crown pub in Gastard.

Proceeds will support the community centre on Roughtown Road, which is used for a variety of activities by local groups and residents, and is run entirely by volunteers.

To take part in the virtual balloon race, visit this page.


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