Moving house can be one of the most stressful times in your life and the process isn’t made much easier when you have children to think about too! Here, Mark Townend from Appleby & Townend takes a look at how you can help your child through it.

move house childrenThe upheaval and change in your children’s routine during the house move can have a serious knock-on effect and leave them feeling confused. It’s important to help them understand what’s going on around them, which can often make the move much easier too.

If you’re still struggling to help your children come to terms with a new school, a new home and new surroundings, then there are lots of other ways to try and explain the process of moving house. Reading books and sharing stories is a great way to bond with your children and help them understand the different changes in their life.

We've compiled a list of books below that could help - get in touch if you know of any more!

Mr. Men: Little Miss Splendid Moves House (A peep-through book)
Illustrated by Roger Hargreaves
Age Range: 3-4 years
Publisher: Egmont
Synopsis: Little Miss Splendid is searching for a new house. She visits Little Miss Magic, Mr Busy, Mr Silly and Mr Muddle but none of their houses are splendid enough for this Little Miss. Join Little Miss Splendid on her search and peek-inside the houses of your favourite Mr Men characters.This fun peek-inside book has peep-throughs on every page, plus a special lift-the-flap on the final page. Full of surprises and perfect for children to guess which house will come next.

Moving House (Usborne First Experiences)
by Anna Civardi (Author), Stephen Cartwright (Illustrator)
Age Range: 3 +
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Synopsis: This book helps children understand the different aspects of moving house in a simple way. The story follows the Sparks family as they sell their house and move to a new one, with enough rooms so the children don’t have to share a bedroom anymore. They meet their nice, new neighbours and the children make new friends.

Topsy and Tim: Move House
by Jean Adamson (Author), Gareth Adamson (Author)
Age Range: 3 +
Publisher: Ladybird (1 Jan. 2015)
Synopsis: From packing the house before the move to seeing removals vans on moving day, this book covers all the stages during the moving house process. It also features a missing cat (who gets found!) and helps explain to children the importance of caring for pets during a move too!

Moving Day! (Helping Hands)
by Jess Stockham (Illustrator)
Age Range: 1+
Publisher: Child's Play (International) Ltd
Synopsis: This book is aimed at younger children to encourage them to help with the simple tasks involved in moving house. With simple, conversational text and detailed illustrations, this book helps children understand what to pack and how to move house.

Our New House (Tiny Tales)
by Rebecca Finn (Author, Illustrator)
Age Range: 1+
Publisher: Scholastic
Synopsis: This book has been designed for toddlers to help reassure them about moving house for the first time. It also includes a jigsaw puzzle to support the development of hand-eye co-ordination.

Two Nests
by Laurence Anholt (Author), Jim Coplestone (Illustrator)
Age Range: 3+
Publisher: Francis Lincoln Children's Books
Synopsis: Focussing on the sensitive topic of divorce, this gentle story shows children how they can enjoy a happy relationship with both parents at different homes. The story follows a baby bird going between the two nests to be with mum and dad in two loving houses.

We're Moving House (First Time Stories)
by Heather Maisner (Author), Kristina Stephenson (Illustrator)
Age Range: 3+
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd
Synopsis: This book helps children who are feeling sad about moving house. It follows the story of Amy and her brother Ben, who move to a new house and miss their friends from back home. With gentle text and sweet illustrations, this book includes lots of positive messages about creating a new and happy life in a new home.

I Want to Go Home! (Little Princess)
by Tony Ross (Author)
Age Range: 3+
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
Synopsis: This colourful story book helps children understand the concept of change through humorous text and sweet illustrations. It features the Little Princess who moves to a new castle, but she wants to go to her old home – only to find that the people living there are quite different and it’s not her ‘home’ at all anymore.

Where Am I Going?: Moving House (Tough Times)
by Clare Beswick (Author), Sally Featherstone (Author)
Publisher: Featherstone Education Ltd
Synopsis: A short book to help support young children who may be experiencing stress and anxiety when moving house.

The House That Wanted a Family
by Susan Spence Daniel (Author)
Age Range: 4 +
Publisher: Inspiring Voices
Synopsis: Told from the perspective of a house, this charming story is sweet and unique. The House that Wanted a Family tells the tale of a house that is for sale, waiting for a new family. It’s a great way to help children think about moving house in a different way and look forward to moving into a new home.

My New Home
by Marta Altés (Author)
Age Range: 3+
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Synopsis: This creative story tells the tale of a little racoon who is scared about moving home. Written from a child’s perspective, this is a lovely book about kindness, making new friends and acceptance during a confusing time. It’s a great book for children that are worried about moving house and looking for reassurance.

Unfortunately, there is no right time to move when you have children, but there are ways to make the process a whole lot easier.

For young children, reassurance and support may be all that it takes to help them get used to a new home and new surroundings, while older children might just need to feel like they’re part of the move too. A great way to do this is by giving them little tasks to keep them busy and feeling included, like colour-coding boxes or packing their own box.

If you’re still stuck for ideas and need further advice, keep an eye out for our upcoming free guide on moving house with children to help make it as stress-free as possible – for you and your family!Appleby and Townend 2020