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There will be temporary road closures in place on Sunday for the Remembrance Sunday Day Parade.

calne remembrance road closuresThe Parade will start in the High Street outside the old Post Office at approximately 9.40am. The Contractors will manage all traffic flow and stop traffic allowing the parade to advance from the High Street on to the A4 towards the Lansdowne.

At the A4 junction with Mill Street, the parade will turn left off the A4 and go up Mill Street towards Church Street.

The temporary road closure at Mill Street/Church Street will allow the parade to march to the church, where they will halt, and go in for the Service, which starts at 10 am, and lasts for 50 minutes.

After the service, the parade will reform on Church Street which will be closed to vehicles for the minutes silence and wreath laying ceremony.

At approximately 11.15am the parade will move down Church Street, through the temporary road closure, along Mill Street and over the A4 to Patford Street, where it will stop and be dismissed at 11.30am.