MP Sports Academy and Autoguide have teamed up to give back to the local community.

auto guidBoth have teamed up together to provide excellent maintenance of the Academy cricket grounds in Thame, Oxfordshire. They have agreed to a 2 - year sponsorship deal and have been supplied with one of Calne-based firm, Autoguide's reliable 4ft Auto - Rollers, which will help to achieve and maintain exceptional playing  grounds.

This will accomplish in encouraging and developing the next generation at the Academy.

MP Academy is managed by Manoj Parmar, who has experienced credentials as a Coach and First - Class Cricketer, playing as a professional in both India and the UK for 13 years. His passion for cricket extended well beyond the field of play, by driving exceptional coaching programmes and valuable community outreach services. Manoj, along with the Academy, have promoted the sport engaging with local youth cricket sessions for over 35 years.

The passion for cricket and the community is clear throughout the academy and surrounding area. With this in mind, our sponsorship deal has been made to create the perfect environment for players to develop their game.

Cricket pitch rolling is vital to improving pitch performance by compacting the soil, and reducing live grass cover, making the pitch smoother and uniform. This can affect the game by either allowing for a soft bowl, or fast and hard bowl depending on pitch preparation.

When we asked why Manoj picked an Auto-Roller, he replied: "Because of Auto-Roller's British Excellence and top - class performance on the pitch’.
The key part of cricket is the rolls’ and that ‘ Rolling the pitch at the right time is key."

With this he aims to invite over players from India and abroad to play on a pitch rolled with our world-class Auto-Roller. This is with the aim of promoting the community and developing stronger connections between both British and Indian cricketing.
A spokesperson for Auto-Rollers said: "The team at MP Academy have been supplied one of our fantastic ranges of Auto-Rollers, with both the faculty and aptitude to help transform and conserve their fields all-year round.
"Our dedication to craftsmanship and community are core values to our nation-wide customers. Auto-Rollers are available all across the UK, from the high-end atmosphere of top-tier wickets, such as Lords and Edgbaston, to the rolling greens of local UK towns and villages. The superb range of Auto-Rollers we offer have been designed to serve the community at all levels, and help to maintain the hallowed grounds of local cricket teams alike for over 100 years.
"Even internationally we’ve exported our brand to countries as far away as Australia and Barbados, showing our dedication and reliability on providing world-class service across the globe! Furthermore, we guarantee the sustainability of our cricket rollers through an in-house fitting or local engineer service, all provided in our re-power kit solution. This means that we’re able to keep our products performing high-qualit y and dependable work for years to come."
Auto-Rollers are manufactured here in the UK, based in Calne, Wiltshire and are available to hire or purchase at any time.