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The third phase of Wiltshire's Council House building programme, to build 1,000 more council homes over the next 10 years in Wiltshire including housing at social rent levels are being considered by council leaders.

homes 1There have been two phases so far which will provide 250 new council houses including the award winning Southview development in Trowbridge.

Wiltshire Council is determined not to stop there however and to take advantage of the lifting of the borrowing cap to continue to build council owned housing across the county. The council will ensure that as many of these new homes as possible will be rented out at social rents (a level approximately half of market rents) to ensure affordable housing for the most vulnerable.

The first two years of the new programme will see 228 homes built at a cost of around £37.5m. This will be based on a range of funding streams based on three approaches:


Develop council housing revenue account owned land along with land secured through planning agreements for the delivery of social rented and shared ownership housing.

Procure affordable housing offered by developers to discharge their affordable housing obligation as required by a section 106 planning agreement.

Re-purchasing ex Right to Buy properties. These homes would be provided at social rent levels. This secures receipts so they are not returned to central government and allows a certain level of bespoke purchases to meet identified needs.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, said: "Picking up the keys to your own home is a special moment we want more Wiltshire people to enjoy.

"Having a safe, secure and affordable home has been shown to deliver health benefits alongside benefits relating to accessing education and employment. This commitment by Wiltshire Council will ensure there are affordable homes throughout the county, so people of all ages have the opportunity to remain in their communities and contribute to the local economy."