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Mobile phones across the UK will flash their screens and emit a loud alarm in the next few weeks as the government tests its new 'Armageddon Alarm' warning system.

text phoneMillions will hear an alarm sound from their phone and will receive warning text messages as part of the government's new emergency alert system trial.

The system is designed to warn people if there is a 'danger to life' nearby - it is understood that this month’s tests will focus on flooding and extreme weather-related events, but with increasing global threats to our country, there’s inevitably some anticipation on more dramatic applications of the system.

The alert system has been in the pipeline for several years and in August 2022, the Government said it would launch in October of that year. In December, the Government’s National Resilience Framework said that it would be launched in 'early 2023'.

The system will trigger a loud alert on Apple and Android phones, together with a message flashing on screen to tell the user about the nature of the threat.

A government spokesperson said: "Emergency Alerts will be a vital tool in helping us better respond to emergencies, both nationally and locally.

"We have worked closely with the emergency services to develop this and carried out extensive trials ahead of its national rollout. We expect to update shortly."