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Argos customers are being targeted by fraudsters in the latest phishing scam.

argos scam calne newsThere have been several reports of customers receiving text messages which state: 'We are in the process of increasing your credit limit by £250.00 please confirm you agree with this decision' the message includes a link to click on which although looks authentic, is actually a phishing site aimed at stealing your personal and banking information.

Argos have said: 'We have been made aware of non-legitimate text messages being sent to people claiming to be from Argos.

We have been made aware of several instances of this yes with our own security team also investigating the matter'

Argos explains on its website how to protect yourself from scammers masquerading as the retailer.

The advice reads: "Be wary of text (SMS) messages relating to competitions or voucher giveaways. Check official sites or contact the company directly using the contact details from the website. Report anything you don't think is authentic.

"Argos will never contact you via SMS about credit refunds or credit limit increases.

"Anyone can be targeted (not just Argos customers) and fraudulent texts often request personal information or ask you to confirm information.

"If you're concerned about any unexpected or suspicious Argos communications, please get in touch."