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Emergency services are encouraging people to download an app that could one day save your life.

what3wordsYou may have already heard of the 'what3words' app developed by a British company, the app gives a unique three word codename for every 3x3 metre square in the world,.

The developers divided the planet into 57 trillion squares to create a new way of thinking about location. 

Initially designed to help ease the organisation of concerts, the potential of these code names was quickly realised for many other purposes - including for navigation and disaster relief.

In the UK it has proved useful for various emergency services, who have used the app to pinpoint the exact location of people needing help. 

Once the app is on your phone, no internet connection is required for it to pinpoint the location and provide the three words which will tell somebody else exactly where in the world you are.

A spokesman said: "What3words addresses are accurate to 3m x 3m.

"They are easier to say over the phone or radio than GPS coordinates and less prone to human error."

You can download the app or find out more by clicking here