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Great Western Hospital are reminding patients that It’s important they attend their hospital appointments as planned

 gwhPatients who are booked for outpatient appointments at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are being warned they should continue to attend their appointment as planned, or they could be putting their health at serious risk.


The Trust is now offering face-to-face appointments again, as it works to re-start all services following the COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual appointments will continue where appropriate.


Staff understand that some patients are feeling anxious about attending hospital, and are worried about the risks of contracting the virus.


The hospital has been organised so that patients with COVID-19 are cared for in separate areas to other patients. Similarly, patients will not be treated by staff working in dedicated COVID-19 areas.


The Trust has also introduced a number of safety measures to reduce the risk of infection to patients and visitors. This includes regular deep cleaning, strict social distancing rules and hand hygiene procedures and compulsory wearing of face masks for all patients, visitors and staff.


Patients and visitors are also asked to enter the hospital through separate entrances to staff. The public are able to use the main Atrium, the Brunel Treatment Centre and the west entrance, next to Boots Pharmacy.


Peter Coutts, Deputy Divisional Director for Women, Children’s, Outpatients and Sexual Health Services, said: “We know that this has been, and continues to be, an incredibly stressful time for many and that a lot of our patients will be feeling nervous about coming to hospital for an appointment.


“We have done all we can to reduce the risk of infection and want to reassure members of the public that you will be protected when attending appointments, as we have re-organised the hospital to treat COVID-19 positive and suspected patients in isolated parts of the hospital.


“In some cases, the risk to your health that might come from not attending an appointment could be serious, and so it is very important that you attend your appointment as advised on your appointment letter or text message reminder.


“If you cannot attend your appointment, please contact the number on your letter to cancel, so that we can give your appointment to another patient who is waiting.”