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In the midst of the extreme heat this week, , the People's Trust for Endangered Species is spreading awareness that the Wiltshire wildlife may be affected by the heat too.

hedgehog calne news Hedgehogs, in particular, are extremely vulnerable to heatwaves such as this one, with temperatures reaching an astounding 35 degrees in some areas.

In order to help and encourage hedgehogs (and other wildlife) into your garden, you can leave a shallow dish of water out where it won't be knocked over or stepped on. The dishes should be shallow so that the wildlife can escape, or you can add in a small stick or rock as a ramp if the dish is fairly deep to prevent drowning. Hedgehogs will definitely appreciate it!

Another simple yet effective way of protecting wildlife in the summer heat is by putting out a birdbath. The natural sources usually available to hedgehogs and birds could dry up, so not only would you be sustaining wildlife, but you could also attract some beautiful garden birds and hedgehogs. Other tips include creating a make-shift pond from an old washing-up tub, or leaving out cat food for blackbirds and hedgehogs.