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The team at Bath Cats and Dogs Home are on the lookout for a very special forever home for their super Snoop!

snoopThis affectionate and active 5 year old Staffie needs a patient and loving owner, who’ll continue the positive training he has received at the Home. He loves to meet new pals but doesn’t always know his own strength, so will need someone who can manage his occasionally OTT ways.

When relaxed, Snoop is affectionate and loves a cuddle although he can show signs of guarding items. The animal care team will be able to advise on how to manage this

Snoop has lots of energy and loves his walkies time but he isn’t fond of other dogs and will need to be kept away from other dogs and wear his muzzle, which he is very happy to do.

Snoop can live with teenagers and he needs to be the only pet. He will make a brilliant buddy for someone who has the time and patience he needs.

For more info please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.snoop 1