by Abi Shrapnell - Avebury Osteopath

Most of us, spend a vast amount of our time thinking of and caring for others. Its natural to prioritise your family and friends, but can you think back to when you last did something truly for yourself?

close up hands holding message board 23 2148689422Our bodies plod through each day supporting us to function. Taking us to work, carrying the kids, squeezing in that extra work call. But until something starts to hurt, or our mood takes a turn, we often don’t stop to think of the actions we can take to support our body to feel as good as it can for as long as it can.

Here's 5 quick-win ways you can try to self-care in Calne.

Take a short walk to clear your head and stretch your legs

1) Wiltshire council have a ‘get Wiltshire walking project’, there are graded walks for all abilities. Walking can not only help improve your physical health but also help clear your head and is show to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

2) Write down 5 things you are grateful for. Research shows that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with a greater level of happiness. Gratitude helps us to feel more positive emotions, and treasure good experiences, improving health, and the reserve to deal with adversity.

3) Shake up your morning routine. Add in a coffee or Tea from one of our local cafes. Or take that walk. Changing our routine can help decrease the risk of burn out.

4) Book in with your massage therapist, there are a number of good musculoskeletal clinics in and around Calne. Why not get that niggle looked at? Or just book in for a yearly MOT. You wouldn’t go without your car being checked, so why keep tolerating discomfort.

5) Plant a seed. Whether is a kitchen herb, or a planting a tree, over 70 studies have showed that even the small acts of gardening, such as planting seeds, or taking cuttings, were associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression and better blood sugar levels (through a reduction in cortisol)


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