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The Aldi Christmas 2020 advert has landed!

Following the teaser advert which screened at the beginning of November, the supermarket giant released the full version of this year's Christmas advert.

In the 40 second teaser advert we saw Kevin the Carrot's adventure was inspired by 80's cult classic movie Top Gun.

In the teaser, Kevin can be seen cruising at altitude in a fighter jet, even showing off with some fancy flying as he and Turkey encounter Father Christmas high above a snowy mountain range.

The clip ends with Kevin spiralling down to earth, his parachute in flames and his whereabouts totally unknown, leaving the nation wondering 'Where is Kevin?'

Kevin's appearance in the advert marks the fifth year that the character has featured in Aldi’s Christmas campaign.

At midnight last night Aldi released the entire 1.30 advert which finds his family looking out of a snowy window waiting for Kevin.

We see Kevin’s wife Katie and kids Jasper, Chantenay and Baby preparing for Christmas at home, with little carrot Baby announcing: ‘It’s not Christmas until my daddy gets home.’


Meanwhile Kevin meets a hedgehog, Harry, who attempts to help him by giving him a piggy back (to the theme of Pirates Of The Caribbean), but their madcap race is thwarted by ice and a big fall. But do not worry, as Santa is here to come to the rescue. Father Christmas finds Kevin and his hedgehog pal in the snow, and instead of taking them home in his sleigh, he hops onto his bicycle and flies through the air, ET style, with Kevin’s kids seeing the silhouette across the full moon. Kevin is reunited with his family in time for dinner, with Santa reading: ‘The magical moment was finally here, Christmas together with those you hold dear.’

It is traditional, it is heartwarming and best of all, there is no mention of the dreaded virus!

Watch the advert in full here: