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The current lockdown has left many of us facing difficulties obtaining readily available fresh produce and inevitably, home delivery became the only option available to residents who simply couldn't go out.

Even those of us who do venture out to the shops find, that often it is difficult to find eggs, bread and other fresh produce. Luckily there is a business on our doorstep who have ingeniously adapted their business model to help ensure we can still enjoy the best food, delivered weekly to our homes.

foxham foodsLocal business owners Craig and Solance Poole have been running Foxham Farm Foods based in Foxham for a year now, making jams, chutneys, chef prepared meals and other handmade goods for selling at events with Foxham Farm Food's sister company The Best Ever Brownie Company.

When the lockdown started Craig and Solance soon realised they were able to get fresh food and meat from their local suppliers. Solance explained: "Our suppliers already give us the ingredients for our brownies and we desperately wanted to help people who could not get out in our town to still have delicious fresh food."

Soon Foxham Farm Foods added a choice of boxes to their website for home delivery including: meat, vegetables, dairy and bread, fruit and even a delicious breakfast box. Alongside these boxes you can order add on produce such as fresh bread, milk, eggs, cheese and strawberries. There is also the option to order a weekly treat of brownies from The Best Ever Brownie Company.

brownieSolance said: "Since delivering boxes to a few addresses in our first week, we now have a dedicated delivery driver who delivers every Friday to Calne. The only problem we had was having the time to do it all, but having friends help in the first few weeks with delivery and a driver now, its been great.

"We offer a wide range of lovely fruit and veg, and meat too, alongside our own home made products that can be added to the orders. Of course, our customers can also add our lovely brownies to their weekly delivery too which has proved popular!

"The nice thing about what we do is that we order in freshly for the orders we receive ourselves, so it all arrives freshly on Friday morning to our kitchens, and we pack it all that morning.

"From freshly baked croissants, to eggs, bread and milk, we really hope we can provide a lovely service at a good price even after the lockdown finishes!"

You can visit to arrange your deliver. Deliveries are made every Friday afternoon for just £2 per delivery. Orders need to be in by 3.30pm on Thursdays. The SN15 postal area has recently been added to the delivery areas covered.

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