Wiltshire Council is reminding home and landowners that now is the best time of year to cut back their hedges and shrubs.

hedge trimmingAs many keen gardeners will know, November through to January are the best months to cut back hedgerows and shrubs. This month the council's street scene teams will switch from cutting grass and start cutting back hedges and shrubs on council owned land and the council is urging home and landowners to do the same, especially if they have hedges and shrubs overhanging footpaths and roads.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Street Scene said, "Hedges grew considerably this summer due to the high levels of rainfall and we have received reports from across the county of hedges and shrubs blocking footpaths. Many of these hedges are not owned by the council and so we are asking home and landowners to do their bit by getting out and cutting back their hedges and shrubs which are likely to cause an obstruction."

The council's street scene team will be cutting back over 550,000 Sqm of hedging and shrubs on council owned land over the coming months."