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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at archery? Calne Archers is a great group who offer free taster sessions. Learn more about them here...

calne archers2Formed early in 2011 by a small band of enthusiasts, Calne Archers is a forward looking group who place the emphasis on being a friendly Target Archery club.

Since the start, the club has grown steadily with a good mix of adult and junior members.

There is a good qualified leader to member ratio with usually at least two leaders present at every shoot to run the shooting line (overseeing safety) and help members become more proficient with their archery.

By its nature, archery can be a dangerous sport and so strict rules are in force to make sure we all shoot safely and endanger no other club members or members of the public.

Although rules are strict, they are kept to the minimum and are very easy to comply with, which also makes for the club atmosphere to be easy going and more often than not, very entertaining.

New to Archery?

There are several Free Taster Sessions arranged over the year and anyone over the age of 8 is welcome to come and try their hand, though we do ask that anyone under the age of 10 be accompanied by a responsible adult. For those who cannot attend one of these Free Taster Sessions, then we can arrange a free session under the guidance of a qualified leader at one of our shoots. For more information please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For those wishing to join our club which is affiliated to ArcheryGB, our governing body, then there is a qualifying instruction period of 4 x 2-hour sessions, usually in small groups of newcomers to two qualified leaders, during which are taught the basics of archery, from setting up a bow to shooting at targets and various other do’s and don’ts of archery skills. The shooting is usually combined with a bit of friendly rivalry at close targets.

Equipment is available free of charge to those members who do not have their own, but we generally find that those who wish to advance, very soon buy their own bows, and plenty of advice can be given on what and where to buy.

Dedicated range

We are very fortunate in having our own archery range at the Beversbrook Sports Facility in Calne. For those who don’t know the facility, it has a large car park, toilets and on certain days there is also food and a bar.

Shooting Days

During summer months we hold shooting days on Sundays from 1.30 pm to 4 pm and Wednesday/Friday afternoon/evenings from 4.30 pm.

During the winter months, the Wednesday/Friday evening shoot is cancelled due to available light and weather conditions.

Archery is a sport where you compete against yourself as much as against other members both adult and junior, and we

pride ourselves on striking a good balance between the two.
Any junior aged over 10 can join individually (though with their parent/guardians consent).

Our club fees at present are:
Full Membership
Adult annual fee: £90
Junior annual fee: £45

Full members may use the range at any time providing that they have passed a Safety Assessment check, assessed by one of the Clubs qualified instructors.

In order to pass this assessment, members must be familiar with and have an understanding of the various procedures and policies and have a club handicap.

Club Equipment will continue to be available free of charge to members to use (subject to beginner and taster sessions).

Bows and bow styles used at our club are Recurve, Barebow, Traditional Longbow and American Flatbow.

Buying Your Own Equipment

As in most sports, the cost of equipment can vary from the simple to the more advanced professional and customised kit, but in general, once a simple set up is obtained it can be added to gradually by using more sophisticated sights, stabilisers, clickers etc, as you proceed.

Our instructors can advise you on all equipment suited to your height, weight and needs.

We also try to encourage members to buy and sell second-hand equipment through the club via our website and you can always ask other members if you may try out a piece of their equipment.

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