Young children were excited to engage in a range of wonderful role play experiences when a school staged a ‘Castle Day’ to bring lessons alive.

st margarets calne1Pupils aged five and six at St Margaret’s Preparatory School, Calne, did everything from learning banquet etiquette, to training dragons. But it was not all just fun and games for the Year 1 children, as teacher Kim Callaway managed to incorporate everything from maths to reading into the ‘Castle’ theme.

The day started with a grand assembly to get the children into the medieval mood and then later they took part in majestic maths, learnt how to walk tall with quoits on their heads and dined at a royal banquet. Mrs Callaway said: “The children especially enjoyed learning to write with quills, as well as taking part in Paige and Squire training and preparing for life as a Knight on the battlefields.” The day also included a surprise visit from a reading dragon and finally everyone engaged with the preparations for a wonderful feast, during which the children provided their own entertainment!