There was exciting news this week for The John Bentley School as they have been selected as one of only 12 schools in the South of England to contribute to the annual Parliamentary Review on Secondary education.

JBS jason tudor calne educatioEach year the government produce this document to highlight schools considered to be doing exceptionally well.

Editor of the Parliamentary Review, The Rt Hon David Curry, has asked The John Bentley School to write a 1000 word article which will help other schools to learn about what measures have been put in place at the school to make such a major difference to their results and ethos.

Schools are selected on their ability to share advice and guidance with other schools, based on their own experiences. For JBS, this is linked to the rapid improvements that have been made over the last 18 months and recognises the fact that they are one of the most improved schools in the country and the most improved school in Wiltshire, with results at GCSE and A level that are comparable to any top school in the county.

Jason Tudor, Principal, told Calne News “We have been selected on the basis of the major improvements in GCSE results and because of our increasingly positive reputation in educational circles.”

“The article will focus on the outstanding quality of teaching and learning, the strong school culture based on the JBS values of ‘Respect, Resilience and Responsibility’ and our focus on establishing a positive learning environment for all of our students.”

“I would like to add that I am pleased that they have recognised our success. When we were inspected by Ofsted, they were hamstrung by their narrow focus on the Progress 8 league table measure. A measure that is restrictive and inflexible and does not take into account the wider role a school plays in a young person’s life. It was rewarding that they judged ‘Personal Development’ to be good but I am saddened that this wasn’t as important in their judgement weighting as other data driven factors. Interestingly, the new Ofsted framework is moving away from focusing purely on data and will recognise the wider contribution made by schools so I am optimistic for our next inspection.”

“Thankfully, The Parliamentary Review is not Ofsted and has identified JBS as a school worthy of contribution on the basis of our improvements and reputation in educational circles. The fact that we have been selected is a reflection of the hard work of our talented staff and the support of all parents and carers in enabling the young people of Calne to do what they do best, which is to shine. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone associated with the school.”