Science students are on a rollercoaster journey to enter award

Kingsbury Green Academy students working towards a national science award have been designing their very own rollercoaster as part of the challenge.

kga scienceMembers of the school’s Science Club are working towards the British Science Association’s CREST bronze award. The CREST awards inspire talented young people who are interested in science, technology, engineering and maths to think like scientists and engineers. Kingsbury Green Academy is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

The Science Club, which is run by Kingsbury Green Academy’s teaching and learning coordinator for KS5 Science Lydia West, meets after school once a week. This particular CREST challenge has involved the students designing and enhancing the best rollercoaster they can, by altering its angles and adding and taking away weights to measure the impact on its velocity.

Year 9 student Lauren said she is hoping to pursue a career in Formula 1.

“As a family, we love anything to do with cars and mechanics, and this is a great way of learning a lot more about the subject. I also love travel, so eventually I’d like to work at the headquarters of any F1 team.”

Fellow Science Club member and Year 9 student Alfie said:

“I really enjoy science, so it’s great that we have a Science Club. I love chemistry and doing experiments, and want to take science at A-level, and go on to a good university, so I can end up doing what I really want to do, which is to be a teacher.”

Miss West said that the students’ enthusiasm and ability is gratifying.

“Science and engineering are a key part of our everyday life, so I’m really pleased that these bright students are so curious and imaginative about the world around them. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and they come up with some really good ideas and are very tenacious. They are the designers, engineers and scientists of the future, and I’m very encouraged that those disciplines will be in great hands if these students are anything to go by.”

Photo - KGA students Lauren, Amy, Alfie, Scott, Dermot and Imogen - photo taken before new masks rule was introduced