A group of Kingsbury Green Academy students who had never picked up a clarinet in their lives before have given a school-wide clarinet concert this month.

kga musicians1The year 7 students have all joined the school’s lunchtime clarinet club, and have put so much effort into playing and practising that music teacher Tom Renfree says they were ready for their first performance.

“These students have never had instruments or lessons before, so they are doing extraordinarily well,” said Mr Renfree.

“The clarinet club is a great way of learning to play music, because there’s no charge for using what are quite expensive instruments, and they can take them home to practice. If parents had to buy the instruments it would be quite an outlay, but this way everyone has the opportunity to learn to play.”

Mr Renfree says that students who have signed up for the club have a genuine interest in playing music, and this love of playing helps them get through some of the practice that can feel tedious to many.

“You need to want to play and see practice as a way of improving and stretching yourself if you’re going to be proficient at it,” said Mr Renfree.

“Playing clarinet is pretty academically challenging and these students are without doubt really enjoying themselves, so are happy to put in the hours in between club days to perfecting their music. They have done so well in less than one term that I felt it was time they shared their hard work and enthusiasm with the rest of the school. We have had to make it a virtual concert because of the pandemic, but as I expected they rose to the occasion and showed how talented they are.”kga musicians