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The closure of schools in the UK could be a challenging time for any parent and child but in many ways, more so for the students at Springfields Academy who have additional needs.

ssSpringfields has Academy closed it's doors on Thursday last week due to the coronavirus guidelines and already the students there are excelling at home.

Pupils, staff and parents have been working hard over the past few days on home learning activities. 

The school have supplied each student with learning resource packs, backed up with remote teacher contact via video lessons and regular feedback.

ss2Already everyone has been busy at home on a range of learning activities from bug houses, making comics and baking. One great idea has come from student Chloe and her mum who said: “Flapjacks tasted great Chloe did an amazing job at waiting her turn too so we ended up making 2 batches of flapjacks and 1 batch of lemon drizzle, everyone had a go at baking we will write up about what we did tomorrow as a part of English. We are planning on making a tuck shop and give the children £1 a day to buy snacks, fruit/ veg cheaper than sweet items so they will hopefully learn about budgeting money and they will get more out of their money if they eat healthily".

Springfield Academy said: "Despite our children’s difficulties, we are receiving a hugely positive response from families around not just the work we are providing but the support."