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This week is World Antibiotics Awareness Week.

misuse of antibiotics calne health newsThe Great Western Hospital is encouraging its health care workers to get involved and remind everyone of the challenges ahead to keep our antibiotics working.

In an effort to help everyone in the hospital work together to save our antibiotics, the Trust’s antimicrobial team have a number of projects underway and is raising awareness with a ‘change can’t wait’ road show this Thursday, 15 November.

The team will visit wards across the Trust giving staff the opportunity to discuss good antibiotic stewardship and encouraging people to get involved with upcoming Trust projects surrounding antibiotic awareness.

Antibiotic resistance continues to develop and spread globally. We face new challenges every day in our health care community to manage our patients with resistant infections.

World Antibiotics Awareness Week is important for the Trust Antimicrobial team which is also working closely with senior clinicians and is in the early stages of developing a Quality Improvement plan, aiming to change perspectives around managing infections and prescribing antibiotics.

Sophie Johnson, Senior Pharmacy Technician, said: “Everybody has a part to play in reducing antibiotic resistance and it is important that we raise awareness around this so that staff and patients alike understand the best practices for prescribing and taking antibiotics.

“Antibiotic resistance can cause difficulties when treating our patients and managing their infections. We hope that this week will show just how vital it is to protect our antibiotics.”