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There have been a few reports recently from members of the public who have encountered discarded drug paraphernalia in public places around Calne.

needleJust this week syringes have been found along a public footpath which leads on to Curzon Street and another in Castlefields Park by the barge, a popular play area for local children. 

Parents have blasted 'selfish ' drug users who have dumped needles where children could easily come into contact with them.

Used needles may have blood or body fluids that carry HIV, the hepatitis B virus (HBV), or the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The virus can spread to a person who gets pricked by a needle used on an infected person

So, do you know what you should do if you injure yourself with a used needle? The NHS website states:

If you pierce or puncture your skin with a used needle, follow this first aid advice immediately:

encourage the wound to bleed, ideally by holding it under running water
wash the wound using running water and plenty of soap
do not scrub the wound while you're washing it
do not suck the wound
dry the wound and cover it with a waterproof plaster or dressing
You should also seek urgent medical advice as you may need treatment to reduce the risk of getting an infection.castlefields barge carp

If you find a needle or any other drug paraphernalia on public land you can contact the Wiltshire Council who will arrange for safe disposal. The council website states: 'We will collect needles and syringes left lying on our land
Please do not touch anything you find, as it could be dangerous
Please make a note of its location and report it immediately
Needles and Syringes on the highway or amenity land will be cleared when reported as an emergency response
We operate a sharps box collection service for people who need regular collection of needles used at home for medical purposes.'

You can report any finds online HERE





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Barge - credit CARP