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A Bristol based charity is raising funds to secure the purchase of 34 acres of land near Calne with the aim of reforestation.

rui costa1Avon Needs Trees is a relatively new charity focused on buying land in the Bristol-Avon Catchment Area for reforesting.

The charity is the brain child of Nikki Jones, a writer and activist on energy and climate change.  ANTs now has a full board of trustees who bring invaluable experience.

Their first purchase is set to be 34 acres of land at Hazeland between Calne and Chippenham , the aim is to reforest the area for carbon sequestration, biodiversity improvement and natural flood management. 

The charity said:

'More trees in the high catchment area will help stop excess water entering our rivers – it’s the most effective place to plant.'

Over the last four days, neuro-scientist Rui Costa has been kayaking from Reading to Bristol to raise funds for the charity. His first day, last Friday, was non-stop downpour, but he was undeterred. Rui said

 “I love kayaking, and I want to do what I can to combat the climate and biodiversity crises we face

“Avon Needs Trees is a perfect fit – the charity is buying land in the region and replanting. The catchment area is almost entirely deforested and we need trees to lock away carbon and improve habitat for wildlife.”

Nikki Jones, Chair of Avon Needs Trees commented:

“We’re thrilled that Rui has chosen our charity and looking forward to working in the Marden Vale. Not only will trees help with carbon lock-up and provide habitat for wildlife, they will help slow or stop some of the heavy rainfalls we experience from entering our rivers and ending up in Bristol. We expect those heavy downpours to get worse in the years ahead.”rui costa2rui costa

If you would like to donate to this incredible cause,you can find Rui's crowd funding page here:

Photos: 1) Rui Costa 2) Rui kayaks from Reading to Bristol 3) Rui with ANTs administrator Dorian Wainwright