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Wiltshire Police have advised residents of a recent spike in burglaries in our area.

burglarThere have been a lot of burglaries reported recently across Calne, Chippenham and surrounding areas.
Burglars have been targeting vacant properties where the owners are out or away and in most cases have chosen isolated homes where they can gain entry via rear doors without being seen or heard. Police say that there is no pattern to the timing of the burglaries, they have been during the day and the night..

Wiltshire Police say: 'Please ensure all entrances/windows are locked and valuables are secure inside the property.
If you have CCTV, please ensure it is working. If your property has an alarm system, please set this when leaving the property vacant, even if it is for a short amount of time.'

If you witness any suspicious behaviour or vehicles in your area, please call 101 to report.