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Residents of The Were have been voicing their anger this week following the removal of a perfectly healthy 17-year old tree there.

thewere tree calne newsThe tree, which had been growing on housing association communal land was felled by one of the residents in order to make way for more car parking opposite their house.

Angry neighbours contacted Eartunes Radio to investigate further who then contacted Green Square, who own the land, for comment.  

Andrew Rossiter, Group Estates Manager told them: “We did not give permission for this tree to be cut down.

“We are disappointed to learn that this has happened and understand the upset caused to other residents. We are in contact with those involved and are determining the appropriate action to take”.

When Chris Wilson-Ash from Eartunes Radio visited the location, he met one resident who told him she had lived on the estate since it had been built and watched the tree grow from a sapling, she commented: “The soul has been ripped from the street, every kid who’s grown up here had memories of that tree.”

Chris visited the home of the residents responsible for comment, but they were not in at the time for comment..

While speaking on Eartunes Drive Time show, Calne Town Mayor, Cllr. Robert Merrick expressed his anger that this has happened and called for Green Square to prosecute the tenants for Criminal Damage and will be keeping in contact with Green Square to monitor the progressof their investigations.

During the show, 8-year-old Freddie sent a message to the studio to say “I’m upset this tree has gone, I saw baby birds in there many times, and wanted to climb it like the big children, now I will never get my chance.