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The Calne Pop-Up Pocket Park is advancing at quite a pace ahead of the grand opening on the 20th July.

pop up park calneThe Wiltshire County Council granted the community group a three year licence to develop the park and community garden for the residents of Calne and others to relax, play work and learn.

The licence has been granted on the understanding that at some point in the future, Wiltshire Council may wish to develop the land, and for that reason the garden is being designed using elements that are portable, so that they can be moved either on a temporary basis for community events, or permanently to another site or to a number of sites around the town.

Amongst the recent additions to the site is a small amount of artificial grass, which has led to some residents questioning it's use as it is neither good for wildlife or bio-degradeable. However, Fiona Campbell from the group told Calne News:

"We wouldn’t have used artificial grass if we could use real. The site is on licence for 3 years from Wiltshire Council and everything on it has to be ‘portable’.

"We aren’t allowed to dig up the paving. We wanted something soft on which children could sit that was accessible for wheelchairs and buggies, permeable and weatherproof as well as reasonably attractive. It’s difficult to find something that meets these criteria. I hope people will see our concern for wildlife when they see the trees and sensory plants that are coming at the weekend."

In the meantime, plenty is planned on site to attract the wildlife. An award-winning garden designer has helped with the plans to create a sensory garden filled with colour and smells. Ten trees are due to arrive soon, providing the perfect environment for all kinds of wildlife.

Future plans for the garden include Wiltshire Wildlife run sessions for community groups with plenty of learning opportunities. Vegetable beds will be installed and it is hoped school children will be able to learn how to grow their own produce. Sensory planting will provide autistic children with an area to enjoy and the group are keen that the garden should be a therapeutic opportunity for those living with dementia.

The official opening day for the park at the lower Sainsbury's car park, is on the 20th July from pop park calne 111am with plenty of family fun on the day including, Peter Rabbit face painting, Mrs Potty gardening, a soft play area, street dancing and Flamenco and Jazz live music. Tea, cakes and ice-cream will be available