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It has been announced that the Hills HGV relief road will open on the 27th July.

renault trucks 32 tonne c430 8x4 tipperWhen the original plans were submitted, Hills Group said:

'This Traffic Management Plan is intended to provide an agreed framework of acceptable heavy goods vehicle (HGV) movements that will facilitate the commercial operation of the wider Lower Compton site activities (to include the Sands Farm Facility)so as to minimise the potential adverse impact on the local community and environment at all times.

The basic principal is to minimise HGV movements through the centre of Calne, whilst allowing local waste collection services, mineral or concrete deliveries, including those within the Calne town boundary, to be provided efficiently and effectively. '

The plans were approved in August last year despite 152 letters of objection from residents living in Sandpit Lane and along the route.

Cllr Alan Hill said the road at the Hills Group off the A4 to the east of the town would take much of the heavy goods traffic off the roads in the town centre.



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