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Calne Wordfest are looking for your help to match fund a project to provide reading tuition for 12 adults from Calne, who have little or no reading skills.

wordfest calne newsThere are 5.2 million adults in the U.K who are functionally illiterate. Functionally illiterate means the adult has reading and writing skills lower than those expected from an 11 year old.

Statistics show that that there are many hundreds of people in Calne and surrounding villages who fall in to the 'Functionally illiterate' bracket.

Work Wiltshire suggest that by 2020 approximately 65% of the jobs growth will require NVQ Level 4 qualifications and above, this level requires that people can read and write competently.

Calne Wordfest want to help ensure that more people can reach this level by continuing assistance to people during and after they have left full time education. They do this by engaging people, signposting and providing practical courses.

As a result of the Calne Wordfest Week held in March this year, they have been awarded £5000 by Calne Area Board to provide reading tuition for 12 adults from Calne and the surrounding area who have little or no
reading skills.

However, to enable them to run the course, another £5000 must be raised in matched funding. This will enable them to run two courses this year. Calne Wordfest say: 'We have to have courses scheduled so
when someone expresses an interest, we can say “Yes, we can help, come on our next course”,
otherwise we find we lose the opportunity.'

If you or your company would like to make a donation toward this important resource for Calne, you can find out how here.