Calne News 1

IT has been confirmed that Fabrinet in Calne will be closing their factory on Harris Road, Porte Marsh Industrial Estate - leading to approximately 100 job losses.

fabrinetFabrinet, are a leading provider of advanced optical packaging and precision optical, electro-mechanical, and electronic manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers of complex products. 

Fabrinet UK recorded a loss of £840,000 across the year ending June 2021 and listed 'a loss of market share and downturn in customer demand as the principal risks to its future'.

Today, Fabrinet confirmed to Calne News that following a review of Fabrinet’s global manufacturing capacity, including a review of its operations in Calne, it has decided to consolidate and streamline its manufacturing operations in other of its factories, and to close the Calne facility over the next several months.

Approximately 100 jobs at the Calne facility will be impacted by this consolidation.

As part of the redundancy program, the company confirmed it will do everything possible to assist the affected employees through the transition and the final closure of the Calne operations, which presently is planned by the end of March.