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CALNE Town Council's Grounds Team were given a demonstration yesterday of an environmentally friendly vehicle to use for maintenance tasks, as part of the Council's commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.

et landerThe ET Lander is a multifunctional electric vehicle with a capacity of one ton, it produces zero CO2 emissions and zero noise pollution. The vehicle has a patented system for storing water with its own water tank and pump with an outlet at the front and side, which will make watering the town’s many floral displays quicker and easier.

Rob Mercer - Amenities, Conservation and Sustainability Manager said, “As a team we are continually searching for ways to reduce our impact on the environment both locally and more widely. Purchasing a vehicle such as the ET Lander would enable Calne Town Council to complete essential maintenance around the town with little to no environmental impact”.

Earlier this year the Amenities and Facilities Committee approved the purchase of battery powered commercial ground maintenance equipment. This supports the phasing out of the current petrol powered machines.

The new battery powered equipment is now in use by the Grounds Team.

A paper outlining options for purchasing an electric vehicle for the Grounds Team will be taken to the Full Council meeting on 26 September 2022 for discussion. 

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