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THERE will be another chance to spot the famous Red Arrows RAF team passing over Calne on Friday and Saturday.

red arrow teamThe Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - Red Arrows - are scheduled to fly over the South Cerney area at about 3.42pm, arriving at Royal Wootton Bassett just before 3.44pm, Winterbourne Bassett shortly afterwads  before heading towards Somerset, taking them on a route over Calne, Melksham and Trowbridge just before 3.51pm on Friday 1st July.

On  Saturday 2nd July,  the team are scheduled to pass over Glastonbury at 7.38pm, then west of Trowbridge at 7.40pm before passing over Melkhsam and Calne enroute to Broad Hinton by 7.44pm. They will then continue north over Royal Wootton Bassett and Ashton Keynes before 7.46pm.

According to Military Airshows website the timings are as follows:

NOTAMS (Times are in BST):

Red Arrows Scampton to Exeter Transit - Fri 01 July 2022: 1. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON (EGXP) 3.20pm

2. 531412N 0002403W E OF FISKERTON - 3.22pm 3. 525402N 0001732W NE OF BILLINGBOROUGH - 3.25pm

4. 523524N 0005206W SE OF TUGBY 3.30pm 5. 521330N 0005750W SE OF NORTHAMPTON 3.33pm

6. 515309N 0014905W N OF COLD ASTON - 3.40pm

7. 514410N 0020001W NE OF CIRENCESTER 3.42pm

8. 512824N 0015136W VCY OF WINTERBOURNE BASSETT 3.44pm

9. 510858N 0024345W VCY OF GLASTONBURY - 3.51pm

10. 505153N 0032400W NE OF CULLOMPTON 3.56pm

11. 504403N 0032450W EXETER (EGTE) 3.57pm Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.

red arrows friday














Red Arrows Exeter to Brize Norton Transit - Sat 02 July 2022:

1. 504403N 0032450W EXETER (EGTE) 7.30pm

2. 505020N 0032923W S OF BICKLEIGH - 7.32pm

3. 505916N 0030451W S OF TAUNTON - 7.35pm

4. 510955N 0024150W NW OF GLASTONBURY 7.38pm

5. 511745N 0021837W W OF TROWBRIDGE 7.40pm

6. 512943N 0015202W SW OF SWINDON - 7.44pm.

7. 514438N 0020115W NW OF CIRENCESTER 7.46pm

8. 514933N 0013816W N OF BURFORD - 7.49pm

9. 514500N 0013459W BRIZE NORTON (EGVN) - 7.50pm Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.

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