Calne News 1

FOUR of Calne's town councillors have vowed to continue their hard work in the best interests of the town whilst stepping away from the Calne Liberal Democrats.
Councillors Rich Jones, Robert Merrick, Glenis Ansell and Declan Boore have all taken a step back from Calne Liberal Democrats but say they remain committed members of the Liberal Democrat party.
Concerns have been raised by members of other parties, that if  the councillors were voted in as Liberal Democrats - those calne town hallwho voted for them should be made aware that they have since stepped away from their party.
However, the councillors in question say the move makes no difference to the way in which they conduct themselves or to their beliefs - it is 'simply a choice' they have made for themselves.
Robert Merrick said: "We are all still Lib Dems we just don't meet up like any other party in the council. We all still stand for the same beliefs -  it’s a group that is no longer a group, that meet thats all. With council being A-political it doesn't really matter who people stand for.  
"I can say that I am fed of all 3 parties as all they do is put themselves before the voter.  I wish they spent the time like me - working with the voters and doing my best to make their lives easier instead of trying to score points all the time."
Rich Jones told us : "I am still a Liberal Democrat but am not linking to the Calne group by choice 
"I am, and will continue to work for the people that voted for me, and those that didn't, in the best interests of the town. I will continue to work hard and support the town and it’s council as I have done for the last 2 terms."
Cllr Glenis Ansell said: "I’m still a member of the Liberal Democrat Party but I’ve stepped back from the local group."