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Outgoing Mayor, Rich Jones, launched two new electric vehicle charging points in Calne earlier this month as one of his final duties, before handing over to Cllr Trotman.

electric charging beversbrookThe charging points are at Beversbrook Sports and Community Facility and were fully funded by Mer, theywill be managed by Joju Charging.

Vehicle owners will be able to use the charging points as a registered user or pay as you go using Mer's mobile app, driver portal, charge card or contactless.

A spokesperson for Mer told us: "Local authorities have a major role to play to ensure the successful uptake of electric vehicles and we are delighted to help Calne Town Council with their sustainable transport strategy.

"Calne residents and visitors can now charge their EV effortlessly at one of our charging stations supplied with 100% renewable energy solely from hydro, solar and wind sources.”

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