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The man who was arrested in Oxford Road on 6th March has been sentenced to five weeks in prison and ordered to pay £66 in compensation at Swindon Magistrates Court yesterday.

calne news jody sidelnikJody Sidelnik, 37, of no fixed abode is a prolific shoplifter and has just spent 14 weeks in prison following a series of thefts in Chippenham and Calne in December including 

- theft of a Ted Baker gift set from Boots in Chippenham on 7 December,

- entering a dwelling in Chaveywell Court, Calne with intent to steal between 2 and 3 December

- stealing steak from Co-Op in Conway Road, Chippenham, on 7 December

- theft of toy figures and other items from Wilkinsons in Chippenham on 7 December

- stealing steak from Waitrose in Chippenham on 7 December

- Jack Daniels from Sainsburys in Chippenham on 7 December

- stealing a bus pass from a man in Calne between 1 and 4 December


On 6th March, he was arrested in connection with an incident of theft at the Co-Op in Mill Street, Calne and also a previous theft from Tesco Express on February 21st.

At 3.10pm, police received a report of a theft from Co-Op staff. Calne CCTV operators were able to track Sidelnik and give a detailed description to the police.

Calne PCSO’s, Police Officers and Local Crime Investigators from Chippenham made their way to Calne. He was sighted shortly afterwards and following a chase on foot they arrested him in Oxford Street at 3.30pm.