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A fundraiser has been launched to raise funds to buy a new wheelchair for a Calne teenager whose life changed overnight just 16 months ago.

At 13-years-old, Honey Freegard was like any other teenager. A student at Kingsbury Green Academy, Honey enjoyed honey freeguardoutdoor activities, was independent and had a zest for life.
When Honey woke up with pain in her stomach one morning last year, her parents took her to A&E, the pain moved to her back and left her paralysed and unable to walk. Honey spent the following three weeks in hospital where she was diagnosed with Neurological Functional Disorder (NFD) and Chiari malformation of the brain. 
Honey is now unable to walk for long periods of time only managing very short distances with support . Alongside this, Honey has been  experiencing non-vacant seizures and non-epileptic seizures, she has developed Tourette's ticks and can suffer up to thirteen seizures a day.
Occasionally, Honey sees an improvment in her mobility which can last a few weeks before she then suffers a relapse. Her latest relapse has left Honey wheelchair bound. Her NHS wheelchair is heavy for her to move leaving her tired and exhausted. When she is well enough, Honey still attends KGA school but finds her wheelchair can't fit under a school table. 
Honey would love some of her independence back and with that in mind, family and friends have come together to launch a fundraising appeal to purchase a new wheelchair which could be adapted to Honey's individual needs and make it easier for her to push herself around, giving her more confidence without having to rely on her family and friends so much.
Throughout it all, Honey has remained the smiley girl her family and friends know and love. Some independence would be one of the best Christmas presents she could receive this year. 
A family friend said: "If you see Honey around she always has a smile on her face no matter what she is battling on a daily basis . She’s an inspiration to all."
If you would like to help make her Christmas wish come true you can donate by clicking HERE