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WHETHER you are Calne born and bred or have chosen to settle in the town, it is unlikely any of us are unaware of the rich history of the town and the Harris family's part in that history.

What you may not know, is that between January 1927 and June 1940 a monthly magazine, the C&T Harris Magazine was harris fundraiserpublished.

Calne Heritage Centre are custodians of all thirteen volumes of the C&T Harris Magazine, the only known surviving complete collection.

In order to protect this fascinating collection, Calne Heritage Centre volunteer and local historian, Tim Havenith, has launched a fundraising page to enable the magazines to be digitised, ensuring their survival for future generations to come.

The magazines hold information including photographs, births, marriages and deaths and a wealth of local historical information for Calne and the area, including the floods Calne experienced.

Tim Havenith explains: "In every magazine there is an entry from Sir John Bodinnar (1895-1958), who came to Calne to work for C. & T. Harris and in 1917 became the managing director. Not only did he vastly expand the company, but during the Second World War, he was Commercial Secretary and Head of Supply Department, Ministry of Food, 1941-45. He was Commercial Adviser to the Ministry of Food in 1946, and President of the Food Manufacturers Federations between 1947-49.

"Entries discuss the C&T Harris business, including supplies, distribution, and customers. He talks about the problems of the industry, along with potential solutions. Taking this over the thirteen years the magazine was published, this provides a unique insight into the thoughts and business acumen of an individual that held very high positions in Government, while still being the Managing Director of C&T Harris during the era that it grew vastly in size.

"Having the magazines available in digital format would make over 3800 pages of local history content accessible in a searchable format for members of the public."

If successful the magazines would be made available on their website to search and download.

If you can donate anything to help secure the long term survival of this important collection of Harris Magazines please do so HERE.