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CALNE'S younger residents are being asked to join in Eco Fest Calne next month to share their ideas about building a better future and being a part of the Calne 'Communitree'.

Eco FestEco Fest Calne will be a lively and positive event taking place in the Town Hall providing a great and fun opportunity for everyone in the Calne Community Area to celebrate our local environment, wildlife and biodiversity.

At the event you will find local and sustainable goods for sale, tasty refreshments to try and information from local organisations and groups, designed to advise and inspire people to take small or large actions which could save money and perhaps help save the planet too.

Children and young people are asked to join in the fun and inspire us with their ideas about building a better future. There will be the opportunity to make a green pledge for the environment, it can be written on an acorn shaped pledge sheet and hung on the Calne 'Communitree' made from recycled materials. 

There will be acorns available at the event so don’t worry, you can complete your pledge there on the day and the first 100 pledges delivered to the event will be rewarded with a sustainable snack.

Young people will also have the opportunity to take part in free upcycling jewellery activities, which will be run by Wilts Wildlife Trust and will be a great opportunity to create and make beautiful things, perfect Christmas gifts that won’t cost the earth!

There will also be activities that young people can join in with the ‘grown-ups’.

People of all ages are encouraged to join in two community discussions to talk about how we can all work together to support our environment: 

‘Blue and Green’ talking about our green spaces and water ways to see how we can use them better and keep them safe.

‘Getting around’ talking about travelling to and around our town and villages and out into the countryside using healthy, active types of transport.

 It is hoped these discussions will lead to identifying actions that the Councils, organisations, groups and individual people from the community can join together to develop and achieve locally.

The event has been timed to tie in with the COP26 event in Glasgow and will take place on Saturday 6th November from 10.30am to 2.30pm at Calne Town Hall.

Saturday 6th November from 10.30 – 2.30pm at Calne Town Hall.