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MINDLESS vandals have struck yet again at Abberd Brook leaving the volunteers who work so hard to make it a nice area for all to enjoy, disheartened and angry.

The area is regularly targeted by youths who seem to enjoy destroying all the good work put in by the volunteer group River abberd treeWarriors.

This time they have snapped a newly planted tree in half.

River Warriors said: "A few weeks ago, our volunteers tidied up the bench area along the brook. We weeded the paving, fixed the bench and planted a little Rowen tree.
All in our own time, to make the area nice for people to sit, and in years to come birds enjoy the berries from the tree.

"Now look at it! Who would do such a horrible thing? We are not happy!"

Calne Police have increased their patrols in problem areas over recent weeks following an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour.

You can report any concerns you may have to Police on 101.