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CALNE Neighbourhood Officers have been increasing foot patrols in areas of Calne where anti-social behaviour has been a problem recently.

The areas of concern include: Phelps Parade, Castlefields Park, Regents Park, Coleman’s farm estate, Church Street, and the anti social behaviourPocket Park in The Pippin.

During patrols last night, officers found a group of youths to the rear of the basketball court in the Recreation ground in Anchor Road and confiscated an array of alcohol and drugs from the youngsters.

Police say: "In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in reports of Anti-social Behaviour and criminality around Calne. These reports have predominantly involved younger members of our community.

"In response to these reports you may see an increased police presence in some areas whilst we tackle this."

If you experience anti-social behaviour in your area, please report this on 101. If a crime is occurring please call 999. Slower time reports can also be completed online via our website.


Photo credit: Calne Police