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CALNE Police have sent out a warning to the youths responsible for acts of anti-social behaviour in town this evening.

A75E4CCB 0867 4CC5 968B 26AAB23E70840AA8FEBE C85A 464B ABD8 7AD67550AB91Over the past weeks, there have been several reports of youths gathering in the porchway of the church to drink and smoke cannabis. Often when they leave the area, they leave behind food and litter.

Consequently, police have stepped up patrols in the area. This evening, PCSO Cook visited the church and found posters had been ripped from the notice board , rubbish left on the ground and a bible had been torn up.  

Yesterday the community group River Warriors were busy repairing and replacing the log circle near Lightening Road which had yet again been vandalised at the weekend. Police say : "Behaviour like this will not be tolerated . We will be targeting these areas in the coming weeks to try and identify those responsible."


Photo credit : Calne Police