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STATEMENTS read to the court today during the inquest into the deaths of three of the Derry Hill crash victims have described how members of the public tried desperately to save the young men.

A taxi driver and his passengers and a lorry driver were amongst the first at the scene, when the car the boys had been travelling in left the road, crashed into a house and burst into flames. Despite their best attempts to help, the heat of the fire forced them back from wreckage.

A statement from Margaret Carnegie, the owner of the house the car crashed into, said she was woken by a loud bang which shook the house. She said the fire was small at first and she could hear them shouting 'Help. Get us out.'

derry hill three

Ryan Nelson, Corey Owen, Matthew Parke and driver Jordan Rawlings all died at the scene.

Accident investigators believe the car may have been travelling at speeds of 120mph. Jordan was also found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

Snapchat footage was shown to the court which had been captured by the boys shortly before the crash happened.

The court heard that the car left the Pewsham Roundabout at 80mph and could have reached 120mph before impact.

There will be an inquest into the death Jordan Rawlings next week.


Hearing continues.