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A species of moth caterpillars have set up home in Lickhill Road, Calne, creating a ghostly, but totally harmless spectacle.

mothThe blanket of caterpillar webs is the work of Ermine moth caterpillars, which create the webs to protect themselves against predators.

According to the Butterfly Conservation charity website, “These striking and obvious webs hide hundreds and sometimes tens of thousands of caterpillars of a group of moths called the Small Ermine moths. The plants will survive the invasion and the web will disappear when the moths take flight around July time."

One reader told us: "I have lived here for 19 years and never seen anything like this before.

"I don't know if it is beautiful or creepy, but it has certainly captured the interest of other residents. I have seen quite a few people coming up to take photos."

Local wildlife enthusiast, Penny Birch, took these wonderful photographs of the phenomenon - she said: "Couldn't resist, had to go see this spectacular sight for myself!

"Absolutely amazing how these tiny little caterpillars could cover this whole tree."lickhill moth