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A group of volunteers have been hard at work making the world a better place for our bees and mini-beasts in Calne.

bug1The wonderful group - River Warriors have made some fantastic bug hotels and a log circle along the Abberd Brook and last week young volunteers added decorations to the logs ready for the bugs and bees to move in.

Bug Hotels offer a sanctuary to beneficial insects, especially pollinators, and are considered to be the urban solution to a declining population of beneficial insects in the human environments due to habitat loss, pollution and abuse of pesticides.

Insects provide many benefits to the ecosystem through pollination, nutrient cycle, and also as food source for birds and communities across the UK are being encouraged to build them.

Sadly, since it's installation, the log circle has become a target for mindless vandals on more than one occasion.

River Warriors told us there have been a few problems with rubbish being left behind, logs thrown into the brook and attempts to dismantle the bug hotels. A spokesperson told us: "We fix it straight away. The residents are all part of the project.

"Sadly some people want to keep vandalising it, which is so sad, all we want is a lovely space for people to visit and to encounter our amazing wildlife!"