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SOME homes in Calne will have found a copy of The Light 'People-Funded Paper' posted through their doors today but what is it and why is it dangerous?

the lightFalse and misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic has been rife online over the past year, but now it is becoming a familiar sight on doormats across the country.

Today Calne News has been contacted by several residents who have received a copy of 'The Light' through their doors.

‘The Light’, which describes itself as ‘A Truthpaper’, is a self-published newspaper that has previously peddled conspiracy theories such as that 'coronavirus is a hoax' and that governments are choosing their health policies to appease the wishes of billionaire businessmen.

The paper first began to appear across the UK last September. It is managed through a Facebook group with about 6,000 members. It has been spotted in locations including London, Farnborough, Yorkshire, Totnes and today, Calne.

The paper's founder and editor, Darren Smith, is based in Manchester and uses social media to rally volunteers to distribute the paper across the UK.

The front page of Issue 8, now being delivered across Calne, carries the headline 'Gates Top Virologist: Vaccines Threatening Humanity' which carries the quote: 'The more we use these vaccines for immunising people in the midst of a pandemic, the more infectious the virus will become.'

Another article states: 'It isn't difficult to prove that covid-19, the lockdowns, the face masks and the social distancing are all part of a conspiracy designed to create fear and compliance.'

Another article published in a previous edition of The Light claimed face masks can damage the brain.

The World Health Organization is clear in its guidance: "The prolonged use of medical masks can be uncomfortable. However, it does not lead to CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency."

A Facebook post including a photograph of the article was shared 64,000 times and subsequently flagged as "false" by a fact-checking website.

One resident who contacted Calne News today said: "I feel disgusted that this unsolicited propaganda has come through my door, I didn't see who delivered it but I wish I had."

Another told us: "What is the point of it? I don't want this rubbish in my house, I will probably use it for puppy training!"

It is not clear why Calne has been targeted as a delivery area.