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THE snow finally came to Calne today as we woke up this morning to find our town blanketed.

Many of you were out and about with your cameras capturing the beauty and fun to be had in the snow and we have picked our favourites for this picture special.

Special thanks to our guest photographers:  Katie Harflett who told us: "Our estate looked lovely this morning. So much so, my eldest couldn't help but do the splits in it!" (photo 1 to 4) Kim Grimmer sent us a photo of her dog 'Happy Harvey' (photo 5) Lucy Charlotte Lu (photo 6) , Sharon Thomas (photo 7,8,9,10, 11) , Romilly Townend took these photos of the snowman she built with her youngest sister 'Snow Angel' (photo 12 and 13) Oliver Satchell (photo 14) and Paul O'Farrell Stevens (photo 15, 16, 17,18)